Wall Paper

Wall paper is 100% paper for digital printing. It is green wall covering, including pure wall paper and wall paper with water glue. All wall papers are with high quality paper with solvent semi-matt coating which possess high weather-resistance. With environmentally-friendly coating which can quick dry after printing and have perfect printing effect. It is very good for eco-solvent, solvent, UV, and latex ink printer. 

Indoor decoration, Wall covering, Home decoration

Compatible Ink
Latex, UV Eco-solvent, Solvent

Best Selling Wall Paper

Name Code Surface Weight
Compatible Ink Product Photo
Wall Paper Wall Paper Fibre TF-001 fibre 240 1.07/1.37 solvent,eco-solvent,UV,Latex
Wall Paper Brush TF-002 brush 240 1.07/1.37
Wall Paper Stone TF-003 stone 240 1.07/1.37
Wall Paper Leather TF-004 Leather 240 1.07/1.37
Wall Paper Sand TF-005 sand 240 1.07/1.37
Wall Paper Rock TF-006 rock 240 1.07/1.37
Wall Paper Flax TF-008 flax 240 1.07/.37
Wall Paper Teak
teak 240 1.07/.37
Wall Paper Non-woven Eco
non woven 175 1.07/1.27 /1.52M
Wall Paper Scraped
scraped 270 1.07
Wall Paper Canvas
canvas 250 1.07
Wall Paper Silk TF-030 silk 175 1.07


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Our complete product line delivers the high quality materials for Latex, UV, Eco-solvent, Solvent and Dye Sublimation printing. The wide product ranges include textiles for Backlit/lightbox, Display/frontlit, Blockout/blackout, Tent, Flag and many other special applications.

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