PET Backlit & Transparent Film

The top grade PET Backlit film with or without high quality coating are one of the best selling product for backlit applications.


-Superior base polyester film strong and rigid

-Various options of surface finish

-Perfect Light diffusion effect …

-Vivid color expression with / without light …

-Anti-slip & Anti-static treated backside for improved feeding


-Light box advertising :Department Stores, Subways, Airport

-Menu board, Directory sign

-Illuminated poster

Textile-Flex PET film materials work with latex, UV, solvent, eco-solvent, dye and pigment-printers and come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to meet your specific application requirements.  These white, transparent, uncoated PET film are perfect for indoor high quality backlit and window graphics.


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Textile-Flex is a leading textile manufacturer for digital printing and home decor. Based in famous Xucun Textile Town, we are producing high quality products for global markets. With 16 years experience in textiles industry, our products are widely approved by worldwide partners, from Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Our complete product line delivers the high quality materials for Latex, UV, Eco-solvent, Solvent and Dye Sublimation printing, in every application for backlit, exhibition, indoor&outdoor displays, blockout applications, tents, flags, fine art reproductions, theatrical backdrops, billboard, P.O.S.. All textiles are B1/NFPA 701 and REACH certified. Our philosophy is Profession, Passion, Concentration and Innovation. As an innovative company, we always keep on developing state-of-the art products for our partners. We believe consistent quality is most important of all, whether it is one roll or one container. With a commitment to progress, quality and product developmen

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