Textile-Flex blockout banner is specially designed with 100% opacity, for banner stand, Pop-up, tradeshow, events graphics, POP and any hanging banner or sign
where banner opacity is needed. 

-Good opacity and super strong
-Smooth and uniform surface on two sides
-Best suited for outdoor applications under super strong stress conditions
-Matt & glossy surface available
-White opaque for two side printing
-Printable with Eco-solvent/Solvent/UV/Latex
-REACH, NFPA-701, SGS, B1 FR, M2 FR available

Name Code Weight
Base fabric Width
Laminated Blockout 440gr BZF51 440 200x200D 18x18/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Laminated Blockout 510gr BZF53 510 200x200D 18x18/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Laminated Blockout 610gr BZF55 610 840X840D 9x9/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Coated Blockout 440gr BZF52 440 250x250D 36x36/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Coated Blockout 510gr BZF54 510 250x250D 36x36/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Coated Blockout 610gr BZF58 610 500x500D 28x28/inch 1.0-3.2 50
Coated Blockout 800gr BZF57 800 1000x1000D  18x18/inch 1.0-5.0 50


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Our complete product line delivers the high quality materials for Latex, UV, Eco-solvent, Solvent and Dye Sublimation printing. The wide product ranges include textiles for Backlit/lightbox, Display/frontlit, Blockout/blackout, Tent, Flag and many other special applications.

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