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Textile-Flex Recycled Polyester Textile Fabric
Date:2021-09-27 09:25

Textile-Flex Recycled Polyester Textile Fabric


Textile-Flex Recycled Polyester Textile Fabric 

The world is small and resources are limited. In order to protect our earth village, more and more green products are developed for digital printing. For decades, Paper, PP, PE, PET/polyester...are widely used in printing industry, because these products are PVC free and environmentally friendly. 

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) were formally introduced at the 2008 EuroShop, and quickly caught on as an ideal signage solution for convention and trade show graphics thanks to their modular design, durability, and ease of assembly. As a perfect match with SEG frames, Polyester textile fabrics were the fastest growing segment in the large format graphics industry. The advantages of polyester textile fabris are obviously clear: high color reprodution that last, glare-free, versatile use, super large format up to 5.05M/199 inch, cost saving in transport and handle, ease of assembly. 

Stretch Transfer Print Backlit Fabric (2)

As an innovative commpnay, Textile-Flex is always doing greatest efforts to develop green envirmontally friendly textile fabric materials for digital printing, to protect our mutal homeland with our worldwide partners together.  Textile-Flex's recycled polyester textile fabrics are made of 100% recycled yarn from plastic bottles. It is a great way to divert plastic from our landfills. The production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates fewer CO2 emissions. Backlit Fabric Athena BZF377 is a stretchable sublimatoin transfer printing fabric made of 100% recycled polyester. This fabric is very soft uncoated woven polyester fabric, treated with enhanced light dispersion for the production of vibrant, high definition, brilliant backlit prints, through dye sublimation transfer printing. Features of Backlit Fabric Athena BZF377 are very soft, stretchable, wrinkle resistant, no ink migration, no white crease, deep sharp black colors for sublimation print. Backlit Fabric Athena BZF377 eliminates crazing and allows wrinkles to disappear under tension. It is also easy to finish and has tight fit and easy installation in aluminium framing systems. 



-PVC free & 100% polyester 
-Very soft
-Wrinkle resistant
-Deep sharp black colors
-No ink migration
-No white crease

-Backlits, Lightboxes

-Dye sub paper 

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Our complete product line delivers the high quality materials for Latex, UV, Eco-solvent, Solvent and Dye Sublimation printing. The wide product ranges include textiles for Backlit/lightbox, Display/frontlit, Blockout/blackout, Tent, Flag and many other special applications.

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